When will The Restless Night be published?

“Summer 2018” isn’t exactly cutting it for many of you!

(Which is fine, because it means you’ve read Chapter 1, and love it.)

I’m self-publishing The Restless Night, which means I’m currently in the middle of completing all the necessary legwork associated with bringing a book to life:

  • Editing the manuscript
  • Creating the cover
  • Building the marketing plan for promoting the novel

I’m happy to say that my editor and I have completed the first round of revisions to the manuscript (hence Chapter 1 is now available). We are hoping to have the second round completed in the next few weeks.

The cover is also in development, and I’m hoping to have a sneak-peek ready by the end of April.

As for the marketing the book – you’re here reading this, so I’d say it’s going well!

At the end of the day, the answer to the question “when is the book going to be published” continues to be: Summer 2018.

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